A Complete ERP Based on School/College Management System
A complete school management system with mobile apps (iOS and Android) for parents and Teachers.
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What do we do?

Complete Features

Digital Board provides stack of latest features. LMS/AMS/Managing/Creating/Assigning/Accounting/Blocking. And many more

Cloud Based

We use the latest and greatest servers to secure your data.

Extreme Security

Our system is regularly security audited and has detailed access-level

Our Services

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Most frequent questions and answers

‘Digital Board Nepal’ is a complete School Management and Digital Learning Platform. Digital Board helps schools to automate daily processes and activities of schools, helps make communication and information sharing among School Administration / Management, School Staff and Parents efficient and cost-effective and helps schools store, retrieve and analyze data generated by different school processes in a centralized and convenient way between.

You can contact our sales at 9808773764 | 9848700693 | 9848430071

Digital Board comes with mobile applications (both in Android and iOS) to connect parents with the school and to ease parents to get all the information on their children and the school. Parents can view all the information (such as online classes, assignments, attendance reports, calendar, progress reports, event notices, assignment reports, bus tracking, billing information, daily routine, exam notice, exam routine, and all other information). Parents can post their feedback, requests, and complaints with the help of this app.

Email us at infofestnepal@gmail.com


200+ Reviews


400+ Reviews


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200+ Reviews

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Digital Board Nepal

Useful for ambitious, big and growing schools/colleges to increase number of admissions and educate them.